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We supply Nitromethane from serveral suppliers and it is the very best power additive for methanol alcohol applications.
Nitromethane is designed to extract the maximum level of horsepower from modified
engines. Dyno test indicate substantial power increases may be obtained when using

Increased horsepower and torque
Improves throttle response and acceleration
Builds low and midrange torque
Designed for stock and modified engines


2/4-stroke methanol alcohol – all
May not be a legal power additive in sanctioned racing events.


Compatibility: Methanol alcohol, synthetic lubricants and petroleum oils.
Mix Nitromethane according to engine builders recommendations, or start with 3 – 4 oz of
Nitromethane per gallon of methanol alcohol. Richen high and low speed jets. Take several spark
plug readings to verify jet settings and correct heat range spark plug. A colder heat range spark
plug is recommended for oval racing. Adjust timing to prevent detonation. For Glow Fuel
applications, see the R/C Model Catalog for fuel blending recommendations.
Heat is a limiting factor, excess heat will cause engine damage. Reduce the percentage of
nitromethane to lower engine temperature and prevent engine damage.
WARNING: Do not mix with gasoline or other power additives. Nitromethane may become
unstable and shock sensitive.

Fuel Comparison: Gasoline, Methanol, Nitromethane

Gasoline - Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons. The petroleum distillate fraction termed "gasoline" contains mostly saturated hydrocarbons usually with a chemical formula of C8H18. The air fuel ratio, A/F Ratio, for complete combustion is 14.7:1, stoichiometric. The A/F ratio for maximum power is approximately 12.5:1 - 12.8:1. This means that our engine at max power, 12.8:1, consumes 12.8 pounds of air for 1 pound of fuel. Gasoline has approximately 18,400 BTU/lb . Therefore if we are using gasoline our engine is producing 53,176 BTU's of energy at 6500 rpm.

Alcohol (Methanol) - Alcohol is usually used in the form of Methyl alcohol or methanol. CH3OH is the chemical formula. Methanol burns at a much richer mixture than gasoline does, between 5.0:1 - 6.0:1. That's 5 lbs of air to one pound of fuel. Methanol has approximately 9,500 BTU/lb.

Nitromethane - drag racing classes, "nitro funny cars" and "top fuel". Nitromethane's chemical formula is CH3NO2. The oxygen in nitromethane's molecular structure means that nitromethane does not need as much atmospheric oxygen to burn, part of the oxygen needed to burn nitromethane is carried in the fuel itself. Typical A/F ratio for nitromethane is 1.7:1 and nitromethane has an energy content of 5,000 BTU/lb.

Fuel Engine Air Flow (cfm) lbs of air (lbs) A/F Ratio Pounds of Fuel (lbs) Energy Content of Fuel (BTU/lb) Total Thermal Energy (BTU)
Gasoline 567.53 42.64 12.8:1 2.89 18,500 53,176
Methanol 567.53 42.64 6.0:1 7.11 9,500 67,545
Nitromethane 567.53 42.64 1.7:1 25.08 5,000 125,412

Summary - Table 1 above as you can see nitromethane carries the most energy BTU 125,412. Do not pour nitromethane in your car and see how it runs, if you do your engine will blow up. Nitromethane is very expensive and dangerous to handle. The alternative to gasoline is Methanol. Methanol will make more power, typically around 20% more power than a similar engine running gasoline. Running methanol in your fuel system you will have to be completely changed / upgraded air Flow (jetting). Based on the table above the fuel system will have to flow approximately 2.5 times as much as the gasoline engine. 100% Nitro-methane gallon.